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Facebook - They spy on you, They follow you, They see you

They track you, They listen to you and more.....


We are changing the way the world uses social media to communicate or socialize between friends


We don't suggest you friends, no commercial content

and mostly we don't track, follow, listen or spy on you in any way


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In today’s digital world, communications, sharing of ideas and thoughts are constant.

There is an important difference between online and real friendship. Online friendship can make you feel popular and loved since it is so easy to accumulate hundreds of friends, while real friendship is not a question of number but of quality and affinity of relationships.

At realfiends you can make different groups of up to 25 realfriends, it is more intimate and allows you to refuse not solicited demands of friend’s requests.

  •   Share personal and intimately only with people close to you
  •   Feel safe, no one is spying on you
  •   Look up, you don't need to read thousands of posts from people you never met
  •  Develop real and sincere friendship with people you care about


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